August 03, 2016 @ 12:00am

What is it?

Following the success of the commercial series P&G had during the 2012 and 2014 Olympics about moms, they created a follow-up campaign for the 2016 Olympics that’s stronger than ever. Previously, these commercials showed how mothers supported their children in the spectrum of athletics. The newest campaign shows how mothers are a rock for their children in a multitude of situations.


Why it’s good

This commercial takes the appreciation of moms to a whole new level. Mothers supported their Olympian children throughout their athletic career, but the shots of seemingly darker scenarios such as tornadoes, airplane turbulence and car crashes brings a new meaning to a mother’s support. This commercial works because it brings a deeper emotional connection with the audience while delivering a strong message. Moms give their strength in critical times throughout their children’s lives, and their children draw on that strength as they grow and reach the Olympics- a message that remains with the viewers.

Is it successful?

After being released for two months, the video had over 15 million views on YouTube. It is being during the Olympics, giving millions more impressions and views.  

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