July 27, 2016

After watching this commercial, it’s normal to feel empowered. This week, we picked a commercial that isn’t afraid to challenge social norms and start a conversation. Take a break out of your day and give it a watch and let us know how you reacted to it.


Always #LikeAGirl

What is it?

Always created this commercial about the self-confidence of girls. They asked a few simple questions to young women, then to young girls on how they perceive “like a girl.” The differences in their responses is eye-opening and proves a very good point.

Why it’s good

The advertisement for feminine care products don’t feature the product at all. Instead, they sell their brand by using a series of empowering messages that encourage others to start the conversation. It’s great because the responses are authentic and the spot was overall well executed.

Was it successful?

This campaign received raving reviews on Twitter that also received over thousands of retweets and impressions, demonstrating that people really connected with this ad in one way or another. Adobe ranked this advertisement as the top digital campaign of the Super Bowl, and it’s the first time a feminine care product had a commercial during the Super Bowl. With 2.7 million views on YouTube (it’s full-length video with over 61.8 million), this commercial certainly speaks to a lot of people.

About the author: Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris is the President of 6AM Marketing.

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