October 24, 2017


Now that we are closing in on Halloween I thought I would share my favorite Halloween ad with you. Going viral is every ad agency’s dream when it comes to creating a commercial for their client. Well, that’s what happened with this Snickers commercial “Grocery Store Lady."

High traffic websites like Buzz Feed, Huffington Post and Consumerism, just to name a few picked, up this 2010 commercial and played it to the delight of millions. The ad is easy to follow. An unsuspecting shopper wandering down the candy aisle is confronted by a very large costumed figure that is somewhat grotesque. As the shopper walks by, the character fills her cart with Snicker bars. I will stop here so you can enjoy this somewhat creepy but cute commercial. It’s a great trick and treat. Enjoy.

About the author: Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris is the President of 6AM Marketing.

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