October 19, 2017

You’re a sophisticated CMO in a sophisticated industry, so why should you consider the webinar as a powerful tool in your arsenal? Because, as scrappy and outdated as you think they are, there is no better tool to tell your story and educate your consumers than video. 

That’s what I’m talking about here: Facilitating a discussion with customers. With today’s digital schedule, customers only find us when they need us. We are on their timetable, not the other way around. So, why not provide a non-sales pitch, thought leadership, educational opportunity to engage them when they need you? How much of your marketing budget would you save in doing so?

Creating video content and making it available 24/7 alleviates the need to host an event. If an event is what you’re after, are you employing Facebook Live or other tools that can amplify your reach? What about hosting an online conference that not one customer must attend physically? How could you leverage that across all your service lines to cross-sell your products and services?

Today we can take that stale ol’ webinar and turn it into a powerful tool to build your brand loyalty and awareness, reframing it to compliment the other traditional marketing you’re already doing.



About the author: Lisa J. Smith

Lisa J. Smith is 6AM Marketing's Director of Strategy & Client Service. 

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