October 25, 2017


Halloween - A time that is celebrated on October 31st in many countries (also known as All Hallow’s Eve) to honor the faithfully departed. Here in America, it’s commercially celebrated by trick-or-treating, going to costume pirates, playing fall games, walking through a haunted house and a big-time favorite—watching horror films.

Well, what better way to capitalize on the holiday than by marketing a product in conjunction with it? Yes, genius marketers from all over the world will create campaigns utilizing the ghoulish, spookiness and all-around fun of Halloween to sell products and services. With that thought, I would like to share with you some of the quite successful print campaigns (some old, some new) these genius marketeers conjured up for some well-known brands. The campaigns really need no explanation, but please allow me to stick my whimsey-cents in any way.




Just plain fun.


A hat...trick?

Mini Cooper

San Fransico Zoo

Sorry, a koala just can't be creepy. But great executions.


I still say that was some twister. 


Here’s an example worthy of more than a line. For many years now, Goodwill has been a great place to get a costume. So, the company has capitalized and embraced it: It has reinforced its logo by utilizing it has a mask for Halloween. Great execution by The Miller Group, Los Angeles.

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