February 07, 2018

As a holiday invented by marketers, Valentine’s Day can be a blast for brands looking to have some fun. This Valentine’s Day, try one of these three techniques to give people a new way to see your business.

1. Appeal to Nostalgia

There’s nothing wrong with playing to the innocent side of Valentine’s Day, those PG years you spent handing little paper notes to friends at school, or giving a card to your special someone. There’s some really clear iconography out there, from candy hearts to simply the heart shape itself.

Check out this ad from Coke, which uses the heart to create a unique, fun metaphor. It’s simple, elegant, and asks couples to make Coke a part of their special day.

If your brand is family-oriented, or values the innocence of those bygone days, consider celebrating the simple things. This is far more wholesome than a lot of Valentine’s ads you’ll see and it makes a very clear statement: Your brand likes good, clean fun.

2. Put a Modern Spin On an Old Idea

Giving flowers to a sweetheart goes way back. But British company Carphone Warehouse decided to use the age-old practice in a new and funny way: By giving people an ad that could be rolled up to simulate a bouquet, accompanying it with a message about making cost-effective decisions.

This is a great way to show you’re an innovator, a company willing to think outside the box when it comes to helping your customers, and when it comes to seeing the world. Remember this PSA from The Ad Council? It takes the innocence of a simple kiss, and turns it into a much bigger message.

It’s also a great way to show off your brand’s playful side, as the creators of hit film Deadpool did with this saccharine, Rom Com-themed Valentine’s movie poster.

3. It’s Okay to be a Little Naughty

Given the intimacy and implication of Valentine’s Day, even big brands are granted somewhat of a pass when it comes to innuendo. This ad from furniture giant IKEA—offering a free crib to babies born exactly 9 months after Valentine’s Day—proves you can go all in on the romantic side of Valentines while still keeping things pretty clean.

Valentine’s Day can be a time to assert your core values, but it can also be a time to have a little fun. As long as you stay true to your brand, you can help make this February one for your customers to remember.

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Micah Riecker has been 6AM Marketing's Copy Jedi and Chief Wordsmith since June of 2016. A graduate of Knox College, the University of Illinois and Madison College, he specializes in using copy to wake up tired advertising concepts.

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