August 30, 2017 @ 12:00am

Digital Experience is Patient Experience

Each time a patient clicks on your website, “likes” your hospital or clinic on social media, or even just Googles your healthcare services, they are entering into your digital patient experience. Each time they encounter an error message on your website, or can’t schedule an appointment online, or even can’t find if your providers offer a specific procedure, those experiences chip away at their impression of your brand.

However, these digital experiences are just a small piece of the overarching continuum.

The real challenge is connecting that initial digital experience throughout the entire patient journey. HCHAPs, focus groups, and online surveys only measure the middle or end of an experience. As a healthcare marketing executive, if you are not working with IT, operations, facilities, administration, and finance to break down the traditional experiential silos, you should be. 

6AM is working with our healthcare partners to be at the forefront of the patient journey discussion and find creative ways to map the digital experience and connect and measure the results. It’s time for marketing to lead the charge.

Learn how to employ a Digital Patient Experience Strategy that achieves results at every step of the way with 6AM Marketing. 

About the author: Lisa J. Smith

Lisa J. Smith is 6AM Marketing's Director of Strategy & Client Service. 

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