September 25, 2020

Katie Arneson

1. You have spent a majority of your life in the age of instant gratification via technology. How has this impacted the way you build a campaign for a new client?

With the age of instant gratification comes the age of great expectations. Despite that people expect to receive something instantly, they also expect it to be of the highest quality. Having grown up in a time when technology began to takeover communication, I know how easy it is to feel a constant need to be ahead of everything. The best thing I can do for my clients is take a step back and work in the present, rather than constantly worry about my next move. That way I don’t miss anything important, and I take my time to get the campaign right the first time. So, yeah, instant gratification definitely impacts the way you have to think in marketing.

2. You are the youngest member of the 6AM Marketing team. Does the fresh way you look at marketing clash with the thinking of your seasoned co-workers?

Honestly, it feels like my opinion is extremely helpful when it comes to targeting an audience that is my age, especially on projects we do with colleges. There might be slang words or a pop culture reference that someone outside of my age demographic may not understand, or even know exists. Also, any good marketer knows they have to keep up with trends or risk irrelevancy. So I wouldn’t say that the way I look at marketing clashes with my seasoned co-workers; rather, we work together better because of it.

3. In recent years, marketing has become dominated by digital campaigns. Do you think there is any value in traditional marketing anymore?

Absolutely. I think what a lot of people fail to remember is that not everyone is adept at technology. While it most certainly is a strange thought that there may be people out there that don’t have a smartphone, we have worked with clients whose target market may be those people. Think about your grandma. Does she have a smartphone? And if she does, c’mon, does she really know how to use it? You’ll never be able to effectively market to grandma using digital campaigns. Traditional marketing is key to reaching her. So next time she exclaims that she got a cool flyer in the mail, see who is marketing to her.

4. Which social media platform do you think is most important for your clients to be on?

I think it’s most important to be engaging with your social media. Some people believe that means you have every platform. To me, the biggest social media faux pas is when a company has accounts on all social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) but never posts, or posts inconsistently. My advice would be that in today’s day and age, social media management is huge. You may think you don’t need it, but trust me, your Facebook and Twitter pages tell me more about your brand than you can imagine. Impressing every single person that interacts with your social media is crucial.

5. What is one aspect to being a millennial that clients are surprised to learn about?

Despite it being a universal complaint that millennials spend too much time on their phone, this comes as an added bonus to clients because it means they can reach me anytime, anywhere. Instant gratification certainly plays a key role in quick response times, speedy thinking and immediate damage-control skills. Not that there ever would be a need for damage control when I’m constantly posting photos of dogs on Instagram—unless they were just too cute.

6. How does 6AM think differently?

6AM wants to know your company and brand on a personal level. We go above and beyond to create lasting relationships with our clients, whether that is discussing your brand’s goals during a BrandSMART session or chatting about your grandma’s birthday party last weekend. Getting to know a client on a deeper level makes it easier to understand its company and brand, and often you’ll be able to anticipate each other’s thoughts! That’s something you don’t see at a lot of agencies.

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