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Lynn Marolt

From a very young age, Lynn was always striving to be seen as someone with a story to tell. As an identical twin, Lynn grew up understanding the importance of branding yourself to stand out from the pack. She decided to channel her passion for branding into a degree in advertising and marketing and has been helping others create and manage their image in the world ever since. All of that, of course, with her added twist of country music influence, red lipstick and Elvis impersonations. 

1. Account Executives notoriously wear a lot of hats; they write proposals, put together project estimates, and strategize with the client on campaign concepts, all while fielding any number of questions about design executions, budgets and website analytics. What’s your favorite aspect of being an AE?

My favorite part about being an AE is being able to interact with clients on all levels. We are most importantly their partner, their advocate and their support system, but we also play so many other roles, all of which vary from client to client. It’s spontaneous and rewarding all at the same time.

2.  Your career has spanned across multiple mediums – from radio to newspaper and now digital. What medium do you feel has the most potential?

I love this question. Having worked in various mediums over the years and having been able to watch them evolve, I feel as if digital continues to have endless potential. I believe we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg with what we will see for digital advertisements moving forward.

3. The AE is occasionally the gatekeeper between the creative team and the client. What factors are you thinking about when reviewing advertising concepts before presenting the final ideas to the client? 

My initial thought always stems from logic. When reviewing creative material, I have to ask myself the following questions: Does this fit the target market? Is the messaging on brand? Will the client be comfortable with running this creative? My job is to advocate for the client. We have to know their consumers and their business better than they do. I keep those in the back of my mind while evaluating the hard work provided by our talented team.

4. What do you wish more clients knew about the AE’s role in an agency?

AE’s have the difficult role of needing to see all aspects of a situation from multiple angles. We interact with every department in the agency, which means on any given day we advocate for the creative team, our vendors, our agency as a whole and our clients. A great deal of thought goes into how we communicate, knowing that in the end we are working towards the overall success of every party involved.

5. How do you juggle multiple clients, each with their own voice, strategy and expectations?

Each client brings forward a new set of ideas, opinions and experience all of which have molded them into the individual they are today. Their passion, their work and their expectations are what make the role of AE what it is. The highs and lows of working in this role allow for growth on a daily basis. I have learned to adapt and interact with our clients on an individual basis. I’ll be the first to admit that I am by no means a master, but truly listening and having patience are the keys to success.

6. How does 6AM think differently?

6AM brings life into an agency. There isn’t a single member of our staff that has solely worked in an agency environment for their entire career. I can confidently say that my coworkers have lived. We think differently because we have lived differently. No two tales will ever be the same at our round table, and that’s just the way we like it.

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