Power Systems is a fitness company based out of Chattanooga, TN, specializing in delivering great customer service to the fitness industry while offering a comprehensive suite of products.

Power Systems logo

Because of an inconsistent brand presence, Power Systems was lagging in their market with great swings in performance year-to-year. They'd lost their identity, both within the company and to their clients, and their logo was way past due for an upgrade.

With a clear strategic direction, we created a unique positioning statement and tagline. As the company's name was not changing, we focused on creating a new mark, logo, brand colors, fonts and new photography to capture the brand in motion. We then brought the brand to their catalog and redesigned it, inside and out.

Power Systems full logo and tagline

Power Systems catalog cover; woman jumping up on a box

Power Systems catalog page; row of free weights and kettle bells next to a man lifting weights

Power Systems catalog page; man carrying a long, heavy weight bar

The new brand was unleashed at one of the largest fitness expositions in the country, the Florida Fitness Expo. The brand created a big buzz among its competitors and within the company.

Power Systems' display at Florida Fitness Expo



Power Systems' display at Florida Fitness Expo