June 20, 2016

Bob Uecker Appears in the Miller Lite

We all need a mental break from time-to-time throughout the day. So weekly, I am going to send you a commercial that was successful in its day. I will also provide you with a few thoughts as to why it caught people's fancy. You're going to have fun and learn something too.


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Miller Lite Front Row

What is it?

Miller Lite created a series of ads that dominated the 70s and 80s featuring the hilarious former baseball player, Bob Uecker. The one we selected for this week was his memorable “front row” commercial.

Why it’s good

It works because Bob Uecker has such a personality and is well known among baseball lovers. It’s short and memorable with a couple of one-liners that stick. This commercial also mentions the product a couple of times, but it’s never all about the product. With that in mind, people have linked the Miller Lite brand to this commercial, giving it huge popularity.

Was it successful?

The commercial is still talked about today. Bob Uecker even had a statue erected in the Brewers stadium in 2014 because of this commercial. This simple commercial was such a huge hit that phrases like “I must be in the front row” and “he missed the tag!” have become pop culture catchphrases.

About the author: Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris is the President of 6AM Marketing.

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