October 02, 2019 @ 12:00am

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We could overwhelm you with stats and numbers and charts and graphs speaking to the power of video marketing. But we wouldn’t put you through that. No, instead we’re going to summon our inner Bill Nye and tout the benefits of video content through a blend of behavioral science, biology and even a little chemistry.

FACT: Our brains release a chemical called oxytocin when exposed to imagery that produces an emotional response.

WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU: Oxytocin helps people form empathy, allowing them to create personal connections with your brand, leading to conversions. So it’s important to elicit an emotional response with your videos. Marketing campaigns built around emotional content perform nearly twice as well as campaigns focused on rational content.


FACT: People absorb visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU: Consider creating a video when dealing with complex topics. Sure, there are some things that always are going to need to be explained with text, but video — 1 minute is equivalent to 1.8 million words — can be absorbed easier and faster, increasing comprehension.


FACT: Moving media engages the attention of the viewer 45% more than static imagery.

WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU: Video is great at helping your customers connect with your brand. That’s because when consumers are more engaged, their long-term memory storage increases, producing a 112% increase in brand salience. These consumers are twice as likely to recall your brand during a purchasing decision.


FACT: A study that showed the same 35 commercials to 60 people revealed varying brain activity in relation to the content of the ads.

WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU: The interesting part is that areas in the brain associated with processing emotions and understanding narratives showed more activity when subjects were shown engaging content. Less engaging content led to people “tuning out” the commercials. So even from a scientific perspective, quality matters. Spend the time and resources to produce video content that is truly great.

Here at 6AM, we love science. OK, that isn’t true. But we do love creating videos. And from concepting and production to editing and media purchasing, we have the full capabilities to produce dynamic video content for your brand that will make a long-lasting impact with potential customers.




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