state bank of
cross plains

commercial banking

The competition for commercial banking dollars is stiff in Madison, WI, with over 60 banks, big and small, competing for a share of the market. While State Bank of Cross Plains was well known in some circles—they'd been proudly serving their community for over 111 years—how could this independent community bank compete with the big banks in the higher-stakes world of commercial banking?



Who says print doesn't have power anymore? In Madison, several magazines have a high circulation among the city's movers and shakers, helping target business owners. We knew that creating a unique visual identity and authentic images and headlines would help SBCP make its mark on the Madison community.

State Bank of Cross Plains magazine ad: Our city's movers needed a place to meet its shakers. State Bank of Cross Plains helped us make the connection

Leveraging those strong partnerships with individual businesses, we created a sophisticated campaign look and feel, working on-site photo shoots and pairing those images with bold headlines that told a story of success.

State Bank of Cross Plains magazine ad: Our guests don't lose any sleep worrying about great service. Thanks to State Bank of Cross Plains, neither do we

State Bank of Cross Plains magazine ad: We chose State Bank of Cross Plains because they know sometimes fences can bring people together.

We used the small stories of successful local businesses to show the larger story of SBCP's strength in commercial banking.

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