October 26, 2016

What is it?

The 1972 commercial starts off with two boys fighting over who should eat the new and healthy Life cereal. They decide to give it to picky eater Mikey, who ends up liking it.


Why it’s good

Life cereal was first advertised to women trying to keep their figure because it contained healthy ingredients. Doyle, Dane & Bernbach advertising agency decided to go in a new direction, making the advertisement simple and to the point. The commercial is successful because they target a new audience of children while showing that health is one of Quaker’s main objectives. The catch phrase, “Mikey likes it!” was popular among its audiences and those who have seen the commercial still remember it to this day.

Is it successful?

This commercial first aired in the 1970s and it became so popular that more commercials similar to this one aired until 1987. Its simplicity and memorable lines caught on and made an impression on audiences everywhere. The ad – which was made pre-internet – made its way to YouTube and has over a million views, showing that its impression still lasts on its audiences.

About the author: Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris is the President of 6AM Marketing.

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