March 23, 2017

Don Draper Heinz pitch, 2013 Mad Men

Several weeks ago I started a blog titled “You Deserve a Break Today.” It was a two-fold play on words. The first play referred back to an earlier career with McDonald’s. The second was meant to give you a two minute break from your day to watch a really cool commercial. Each week I send out a commercial that for one reason or another has caught the public’s fancy. You will get to see a commercial accompanied by brief explanation as to why it was successful.

I am going to continue to send these out but will make the title more enticing so it has a better open rate. That is marketing talk that translates to “Wayne, it’s a great piece but we need to get more folks to open and look at the post or you’re off this assignment.” Wow, this is a tough crowd. Gotta give my folks credit though, if it’s not working they work to make it better.

This week’s commercial is actually fantasy coming to life. In a 2013 episode of “Mad Men” Don Draper presents a Heinz Ketchup ad to the executives at Heinz. The campaign was rejected by the fictional marketing team because it didn’t show the bottle or the ketchup. Today in a fiction come-to-life twist, the marketing team at Heinz is embracing the idea. The agency that is doing the creative has designed billboards and print ads that show either a burger or a piece of steak or fries with no ketchup or bottle of Heinz. The ad simply says, “Pass The Heinz”.

Below is a clip from that episode of “Mad Men.” You can see that Don Draper was truly ahead of his time.

About the author: Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris is the President of 6AM Marketing.

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