August 31, 2016 @ 12:00am


What is it?

Google never had a television advertisement until the 2010 Super Bowl. Follow the love story through a variety of google searches; it’ll warm your heart.


Why it’s good

You don’t physically see any characters in this story, just what Google searches are made by a specific individual. The way the story was told was very clever, using no actors and no dialogue. Because Google is a leader in the search market, a good amount of people are already familiar with the search features. The commercial not only demonstrates those features, but it shows how vital Google is in making important decisions. They are trying to show that Google is a trusted source for just about anything, and with that their brand is clearly identified. Simple, effective and heartwarming.

Was it successful?

Over 7.7 million views on YouTube with even more of what Google calls “Search Stories” made after, this video proved to be effective. Quite a few people reacted positively to the commercial on the internet as well after it aired.

About the author: Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris is the President of 6AM Marketing.

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