6AM Marketing president Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris

Cat Herder in Chief, aka President

Wayne is a hip guy. What we mean to say is he has a new hip. He claims it picks up signals from distant planets. That might explain why his vast experiences and expertise seem out-of-this-world. He was a part of the McDonald’s Chicago Co-op Board of Directors during the 80s, when he was involved in signing a promising young basketball player as a spokesperson. His name was Michael Jordan, and Wayne claims MJ still has his pen. He also worked as the president of Forward Wisconsin, where his job was to market the state and attract new business. Wayne is passionate about working closely with our clients to help them achieve the results they’re looking for.

Wayne is known to tell terrible jokes from time to time. We always laugh obediently. His favorite things include his family, golf, work (really), Badger sports and giving back through organizations like the Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Gilda’s Club and the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund. He’s also a big fan of something his mentor, Ray Kroc, used to say: “When you’re green, you’re growing; when you’re ripe,  you rot.” Wayne aims to be forever green. We know his jokes always will be.


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Wayne Harris, 6AM Marketing president

Wayne Harris



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