Winning Big in Vegas



Number of days it took for GameTime to meet half of its quarterly sales goal


GameTime, one of the leading playground equipment manufacturers in the U.S., had to grab the attention of Parks and Recreation directors across the nation leading up to the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) trade show in Vegas in September of 2015. They were launching a new line of equipment designed to revolutionize exercise and play outside for ages 8 to 80. How would they do it?


Create a standout, disruptive, customized direct-mail piece asking each major city across the country to “Accept the Challenge.” Utilize variable data and the latest technology to create a personalized, interactive direct-mail piece that told the story in a visually stunning and compelling way. The video-in-print technology allows video to start as soon as the item is opened. From the moment the piece leaves the box, it engages the recipient and sells the Challenge Course from minute one. Once participants arrived at the conference, they were escorted to a VIP event and, the next day, treated to an interactive launch of the Challenge Course by GameTime.


GameTime experienced record attendance at the VIP event, more than doubling the invite list. More importantly, the sales goal for the new product line was set at 50 cities committing to an installation by the end of the first quarter. By the second day of the trade show, GameTime received 25 commitments from cities across the country. That is 50% of its quarterly sales goal completed in two days. Whoever said what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

GameTime Accept the Challenge campaign print in video piece

GameTime Accept the Challenge campaign print in video piece