Grab Your Passport, You're Going on an International Journey 



The International Division of the University of Wisconsin-Madison had undergone a transformation internally, merging several departments and streamlining the organization. It was time to turn externally and tell its story, digitally, in a much more dynamic way and refine its brand and message. At the same time, the University of Wisconsin was also re-branding its digital presence, and the new International Division website had to look and feel like the new UW brand.


First we held a BrandSMART session with the full team to clearly define the brand, message and, most importantly, the target market. The International Division struggled to communicate even within the university itself, let alone other external targets, the value of the division to the university. First and foremost, without students there would not be a platform, so it was determined students — prospective and current — would be the primary target market. Faculty and staff would be the secondary target market. With this clear path, it became much easier to organize the messaging and functionality to provide a clean and unique visual narrative.


The new, responsive site launched in September just as students returned to school. The site has seen an increase in use both nationally and internationally. The student section of the site is the most popular area outside of the home page. Today, the International Division has an easy-to-update, digitally relevant, visually stunning vehicle to tell its unique story.

University of Wisconsin International Division website mobile phone view

University of Wisconsin International Division website laptop view

University of Wisconsin International Division website