There's More Than Meets the Eye



A four-year university is great. But rising tuition, corresponding student debt or a lack of options/majors means a four-year diploma is not for everyone. Enter the tech college. Wisconsin has a technical-worker shortage. Mid-State Technical College is part of a statewide tech school consortium that is working to build awareness about the fantastic programs and practical work experiences available in a variety of careers, including nursing, criminal justice, transportation, urban forestry, cosmetology and information technology. With more awareness comes higher enrollment — and an opportunity to help fix that skilled-worker gap. The key is to get the word out.


As part of a system-wide initiative, Mid-State developed and launched a new Education Master Plan supported by a significant advertising campaign. 6AM was hired to create and produce two 30- and two 60-second spots to air on TV, web and social media. The spots showcase all Mid-State offers while repositioning the school as an educational leader in the community. Ultimately, the goal is to attract new students, both part-time career changers and, more importantly, full-time students looking to start a career. We wanted to take advantage of video ads on Facebook and Instagram, targeting those potential full-time students. 


Based on the target audience and tight geo-targeting of 15-20 miles from each of Mid-State's four northern Wisconsin campuses, Facebook estimated the video would receive 31,540 views over the course of the six-week campaign. Instead, it received 50,954 views, 62% higher than what Facebook predicted. Of those views, 13,599 people watched the video in its entirety. Those are the kind of results that put students in the classroom!