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KENT CALLISON, Marketing Director & Strategist, Gametime, a division of PlayCore



Quarterly Sales Goal Reached In



Imagine you are the industry leader in your category, anchoring the annual trade show at the biggest event of the year—again. But this year is not the same old same old; after years of inaction, you’re launching a whole new product line. How are you going to convince your clients it’s worth a trip to Vegas? The normal invite and conference booth swag won’t cut it. You need a better plan.


Get prospects excited before the big launch and make them feel like they are part of something bigger than a one-time event. Send them an “experience” allowing them a preview of the new line and start selling the concept before they even step on that plane. 6AM created an innovative, disruptive, customized direct-mail piece with a call to action clients and prospects just couldn’t resist. We found a new technology to fit the big idea, video-in-print.

Video-in-print allows a consumer to experience a video as soon as a mailer is opened—no thumb drives, DVDs or boring throw-away flyers. Using variable data and the latest technology, we created a personalized, interactive direct-mail piece that told the product story in a visually stunning and compelling way and urged recipients to join a movement and “Accept the Challenge.” From the moment the piece left the box, it engaged the recipient and sold the new product line in a way the industry had never seen, including an invite to a VIP event and a mini catalogue outlining the product line’s features and benefits.


Our client, GameTime, experienced record attendance. Their invite list for the VIP event more than doubled. More importantly, they reached 50% of their quarterly sales goal within the first two days of the trade show. Who said what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?