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97% Fill Rate


When it’s your job to get diverse people to participate in something that’s scary and unfamiliar, you can’t market to everyone with the same general messaging. You need to understand your audience and create compelling messaging that is targeted specifically to each group. What works for some demographics won’t work for others, so your efforts must be fresh each time. And when it supports the development of a new drug that can extend lives or cure a disease, there’s a lot on the line. How can you get it done?


Decipher. Clarify. Focus.

6AM began with empathy maps and created personas representing the demographic groups. The maps had to clearly identify the potential pain points, barriers, key influencers and what really matters to each group. Individual messaging strategies were based on these key insights, driving creative that explored humor, emotion and value-based messaging to resonate with each target. It didn’t stop there. Tactics were chosen to intersect with each demographic’s daily lives. We made it easy for people to access information and personally opt in through customizable landing pages and a trackable form that alerted our client to the user’s interest.


We employed both traditional and digital strategies to reach the diverse target markets of our client, Covance. Our digital plan delivered 6.5 million impressions featuring mobile, retargeting, pre-roll and streaming radio. As far as traditional media, we ran TV, radio, print and OOH–transit, our most successful tactic. The advertising was penetrating, disruptive and, at the time, shocking—and that did the trick. In the first year, Covance surpassed its annual goal by achieving an unprecedented 97% fill rate for its trial study.