How do You Describe an 11-Year Relationship with a Client? Divine!



Amount by which campaign outperformed industry click-through rate average


New sessions by key 25- to 35-year-old demographic


Divine Savior Healthcare is one of those rare, independent rural hospitals located in south-central Wisconsin that is not just getting by — it's thriving. Its campus includes a full-service, 52-bed hospital with an Emergency Department and helipad, a senior living facility including residential skilled nursing care, assisted living and short-term residential rehab. Then there’s LaVita at the Wellness Center, a first-of-its-kind in the region: a medical-integrated fitness center where health, safety and comfort are a priority. These offerings ensure the community receives world-class care. Still, Divine Savior knew it could do even better.


Divine Savior feels the competitive pull from Madison, just like other rural hospitals in the area. What it needed was to communicate the quality of care available right in its community’s backyard. 6AM launched a campaign, featuring surgical areas of expertise, showcasing available services. This big-idea brand campaign then transitioned the organization from its first 100 years into its centennial celebration in May of 2017, demonstrating its vision for the future. The integrated campaign included print, digital advertising (including targeted mobile ads and retargeting,) streaming radio and traditional radio.


The campaign employed provocative body shots filling every square inch of ad space and simple headlines clearly articulating how DSH delivers world-class care. The campaign outperformed the industry average on click through rate by 44%. Website traffic increased significantly, and 67% were new visitors. One of the most difficult demographics to reach in Portage is millennials. This campaign saw an increase of new sessions by 25- to 35-year-olds totaling 1,173. With messaging, placement, tactics and execution, Divine Savior put itself on the map not just for today, but for the next 100 years.

In addition, the campaign was chosen from hundreds of national entries for recognition in Graphis Advertising Annual 2018.

Divine Savior Healthcare surgical campaign ad

Divine Savior Healthcare surgical campaign ad

Divine Savior Healthcare surgical campaign ad

Divine Savior Healthcare surgical campaign ad