Waking Up a Sleepy Little Town



How do you draw tourists to your town when you have a Google-like, international company such as Epic drawing tens of thousands of corporate visitors on one side, and Madison, WI, on the other? What’s a small, charming burb like Verona, Wisconsin, to do?       


Create a branded tourism campaign that reframes Verona in a prospective tourist’s eyes, targeting Gen X, budget vacationers, and moms looking for a short, family-friendly vacation. Using humor and honesty to build trust with potential visitors, 6AM wanted to expand the previous geographic range to target consumers in northern Illinois and eastern Iowa. We created a fully integrated campaign utilizing print, digital, out-of-home, SEO, paid search and social media to jumpstart Verona tourism. The campaign highlights Verona’s sweet spots and frames these destinations with self-awareness and sophistication to encourage exploration.   


The integrated campaign including digital display, print, social media and paid search launched with great fanfare in April. Through September, the display campaign had received over 3 million impressions, and over 5,000 people had clicked through to the website. 6AM launched a new Facebook page that has 2,780 followers who are highly engaged. We launched a new website mid-campaign, which greatly increased the user experience and ability to pay out each digital campaign in a more robust way. Before the website launched, monthly sessions averaged approximately 432; today they average 3,800 — a 787% increase. Page views have seen a 655% rise. We expect nothing but increased engagement as we move into launching the 2018 campaign.

City of Verona brand campaign ad

City of Verona brand campaign ad

City of Verona brand campaign ad